Past, present and future of podcasting in higher education (Book Chapter)

Language: English
Fernandez, V., Sallan, J.M., and Simo, P. (2014). Past, present and future of podcasting in higher education. In M. Li and Y. Zhao (Eds.), Exploring Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (pp. 305-330). Springer Berlin Heilderberg. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-55352-3_14

Podcasting has become a major phenomenon within both our society and our educational system, as is evidenced by the large quantity of scientific publications on the topic. However, the study of podcasting in higher education remains in its initial phase of study. The results of research on podcasting are notably diverse and are even occasionally contradictory. Thus, this chapter performs a thorough review of the literature with the objective of developing a podcasting model that can establish the necessary guidelines for the study of podcasting. This model is key to defining control variables for sharing and incorporating research results on podcasting. Finally, the chapter proposes a list of future lines of podcasting research based on the literature review and the proposed model for creating podcasts.

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