Relations between organizational commitment and focal and discretionary behaviours

Language: English

Simo, P.; Enache, M.; Sallan, J.M.; Fernandez, V. (2014). Relations between organizational commitment and focal and discretionary behaviours. The Services Industries Journal. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02642069.2014.871534


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the relations between organizational commitment (OC) dimensions and two focal and discretionary behaviours (intention to stay and organizational citizenship behaviour). Drawing on a sample of 310 Spanish employees of small services firms, this research reveals that in contrast to recent findings that detected a nonlinear (inverted U-shaped) relationship between continuance commitment and intention to stay, the form of the relationships between OC dimensions and the proposed outcomes is linear rather than nonlinear. Furthermore, when dividing continuance commitment into two subcomponents, the research results indicate that the dimension associated with commitment based on few existing employment alternatives is significantly, negatively and linearly related to intention to stay and organizational citizenship behaviour. This suggests that the three-component model of OC suffers from a conceptual inconsistency, which is further discussed. 

Keywords: organizational commitment; intention to leave; organizational citizenship behaviour

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