State of the art. Discussion and future lines of research on effective individualized feedback in online environments (First UOC International Research Symposium)

Language: English

Plana, D.; Moya, S.; Simo, P. (2013). State of the art. Discussion and future lines of research on effective individualized feedback in online environments. First UOC International Research Symposium. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain).


Background. The European Higher Education Area requires to go one step further in the implementation of the new model for higher education. This implies profound changes in the universitary system based on paying attention to the student’s learning process rather than, as usual, to focus on the teaching process. The student becomes essential for the development and consolidation of his/her learning process and the formative assessment plays a decisive role.

Objectives. The aim of this paper is to analyze the state the art of effective individualized feedback as a necessary and indispensable tool of the formative assessment process. Our analysis focuses on the environment of online higher education.

Methods. Methodology consisted on a systematic and extensive literature search focusing on formative feedback within higher education context and during the last two decades. Online databases were searched including: the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), ISI, Scopus and Google Scholar

Results and conclusions. If we want higher education moving forward and having students committed to learning and capable of long-life learning, we need the learning assessment of the education system not only as a tool to certify level reached by the student in a particular course or subject, but also as a tool to improve students’ learning process. If the results of the assessment should be at the students’ service, we have to train teachers and to provide them with the means to accomplish it. Yet academic institutions have to signal society, students and teachers of the importance of formative assessment for learning process.

Keywords: Formative feedback, higher education, students’ learning process

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