QCAsoft: A New software for qualitative comparative analysis (GIKA 2013 - Ponencia)

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Un año más hemos asistido al congreso Globla Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA 2013), este año en su tercera edición celebrada en Valencia (Spain), hemos presentado una ponencia sobre el sofware que hemos desarrollado.

Fernandez, V., Sallan, J.M. and Simo, P. (2013). QCAsoft: A new software for qualitative comparative analysis. The 3rd Globla Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA 2013). Valencia (Spain). 

Abstract: A new software suite, called QCAsoft, has been developed for qualitative comparative analysis. In contrast to the rest of programs, QCAsoft allows to analyze the necessary conditions and sufficient conditions through three different methods: graphically, by degrees of consistency and coverage, and statistically. Moreover, QCAsoft is running under a virtual machine of JAVA, which allows executing in different operations Systems: MS WINDOWS, MAC OSX, and Linux. QCAsoft contains some unique features in terms of a user friendly graphical environment. In order to present this software, the paper presents the theoretical background of qualitative comparative analysis, and introduces an example. Finally, we compare the results of analyzing this example using qualitative comparative analysis and the results of the same example using a linear regression model.

Keywords: Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Software, Java.

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  1. Hi

    Is this QCA software available for public use?

    If not, any idea of if/when it will be?

    regards, rick davies

  2. http://sourceforge.net/projects/qcasoft/